Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New Website is Live!

My new website is live! Finally.

To check it out, click here.

Took me a little longer than expected, and it's still not perfect, but if I waited until it was perfect it would never get out. I basically share resources or thoughts that I found helpful during Julia's cancer journey. It's a simple site - I don't expect to win any website-building awards, that's for sure. But if I can help somebody somewhere with supporting their partner or spouse or loved one going through cancer, I consider it a win. Even if it doesn't, I found it an interesting and helpful project.

Now, I need a couple favours from you all. First, if you know someone who could possibly find the website helpful, please pass it on. That's why it exists. It's especially for spouses or partners of people going through cancer, but anyone affected by cancer will find it helpful, I think.

Secondly, you are my early adopters and as such you will probably notice some problems with the site. Please let me know so I can fix them (email: Again, I'm new at this so please bear with me as things get ironed out.

This new website will not replace this blog. I still plan on posting about Julia and the grief process in the future. The new website is more of a general resource, and will have fewer personal thoughts about my, and Julia's, story.

Thanks for your help in this project as we all strive to help people affected by cancer.

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